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ariston news

ariston news

The monthly journal publication of hyphen SA, αriston news, analyzes the educational programmes of the αriston project, and is aimed at students, parents, new-comers to the globalized work market, businesses and business executives. Additionally, educators of all subjects have the chance to keep up to date with the news, activities and training seminars of the αriston academy. The educational programmes of the αriston project reflect all the new developments from the international business market and the international academic community, aiming at shedding light on and preparing students, parents, young people, employees and employers for the future of work and technological unemployment. Don’t hesitate to send your questions and thoughts to our expert scientific authors of our publication. Interaction and clarity are the foundation of every dynamic project of the αriston project.


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The innovatory application of hyphen SA group of companies keeps you in the loop of all the latest and most important developments in education today! The αristonGate application of hyphen SA group of companies opens up to the αriston gate ground-breaking online platform that grants access to a wealth of carefully curated resources related to the world of education and employment.

Through this new pioneering software, the user gains access to continuously updated information regarding the hyphen SA group of companies and all of its educational endeavours, programmes which are effectively directed at its varied user base including, but not limited to, ages from young school students to up-and-coming and established businessmen, active in the local markets and elsewhere.

Furthermore, all participating students are granted access to self-assessment software, in order to determine the most effective way in which learning is acquired for them individually, and thus achieve the best results possible by attending tailor-made educational programmes, hence managing more productively their own time and resources.

Through the αristonGate application, registered users and followers can access archived audio-visual materials of past training sessions as well as the live-streaming broadcast of the ‘proti fora’ radio programme. This is essentially, the first ever radio course, transmitted through the public frequency of Radio Thessaloniki (94.5 FM), a major news and entertainment media outlet based in Thessaloniki, Greece. All participants who successfully complete the online course and participate actively during the live radio broadcasts, will receive a certificate, issued by the British certification body the αriston project, a subsidiary company of hyphen SA.

The αriston news application, a monthly electronic publication of hyphen SA, is also available through the αristonGate app, through which the user can remain updated with the latest hyphen SA news or sign up to receive the company’s newsletter to stay in touch with all the current developments at hyphen SA group of companies. Additionally, via the αristonGate application, access is granted to the Cloud KMS and Edu KMS, the advanced knowledge management systems owned and used by both the hyphen SA staff and the participating and established Εlaeon educational centres, certified by the British certification body the αriston project. The Cloud KMS and Edu KMS are powerful platforms with informational, archiving and interactive capabilities, linking registered users to a rich collection of business management and educational resources.

Contact details can be found within the αristonGate application in aid of anyone interested to reach hyphen SA, aiming to the most effective use of the materials on offer and also for those who wish to delve deeper into the future of education and employment as envisaged and conceptualised by hyphen SA group of companies..

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hyphen News

hyphen News

This application provides up-to-date, relevant news items in the fields of education, business and publishing. hyphen S.A. offers tailor-made project management, editorial, design, educational and consultancy services to educational institutions, publishers, entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized companies worldwide.



Can I hyphen

Can I hyphen?

Can you hyphen? Business-wise or not, in today’s environment we face challenges while trying to complete our daily tasks. The human brain, the most powerful and complex tool, boosts our effort but also blocks us from elementary (but sometimes useful) actions. Sometimes things only seem to be impossible… The following challenge is straight forward: Try to connect the shapes of the same color using lines that do not cross each other and do not touch any other line. Note: The lines should be inside the circle, not outside the circle and not touching the circle. BONUS: hyphen ROIBiz (return on investment in business) and ROIEDU (return of investment in education) are comprehensive sets of indices comprising a true code of business and educational practice for small or medium-sized companies that want to expand and increase productivity rates in the current financial environment.