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The publishing management packages that hyphen provides include all the planning, scheduling, development, editorial, design, typesetting and proofreading services publishers need. Through the services of a dedicated project manager, hyphen offers a professional publishing management service to a wide variety of publishing clients across the globe. More

.Parker.Stergis. Publishing

The publishing house Parker.Stergis. Publishing – Special Editions has recently published two literary works: "Τετράδιο βιογραφίας" by author Giorgios Xeinos, prefaced by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and the poetry collection "Αντιγόνοι 11-12" by entrepreneur, educator and inspirer of the αriston project, Yannis Stergis. Beginning next year, Parker.Stergis. Publishing – Special Editions will be the publishing partners of τhe αriston project. More

the αriston project Ltd 

The British institution the αriston project Ltd was founded in 2011, after an extended period of research and piloting of over 3,500 businesses and working professionals in 44 countries. The purpose of The αriston Project Ltd is professional excellence in the future of work and the development and certification of necessary skills to accomplish this. More


Elaeon centres are non-formal education centres in various parts of the territory, licensed by the state for the subject matters they teach. They've been certified by The αriston Project after exhaustively training their instructors and monitoring their operating structures. More

The hyphen SA group, based in Thessaloniki, is the only institution in Europe that specializes in educational engineering. Launched in April 2003, the hyphen SA group now includes the following brands: hyphen – Publishing Services, the αriston project Ltd –International Think Tank for Educational Methodology, Elaeon – Training Centres for Skills Agenda 2020, and Parker.Stergis. Publishing – Special Editions. Based in Greece and also in Solihull, UK for the Think Tank the αriston project Ltd, hyphen SA utilizes over 330 education specialists, educational publishing experts and managerial staff in more than 20 countries. Partnerships are exclusive and include some of the largest publishing houses in the world.

Our Board of Directors

Yannis Stergis
President – CEO
hyphen SA
the αriston Project Ltd

Emma Parker
Vice President – hyphen SA
International Development Director – CEO
hyphen Publishing Services

Haris Giannopoulos
Chief Operations Officer – hyphen SA

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